Sunday, January 18, 2009

December 2007

i woke up to a broken phone.
an absence of communication.
messy hair and eyes swollen shut.
an overload of sweetness, of the momentary kind
nostalgic sadness for touchable things
that have left this part of me.
un-expectations surprising
word writings
messy face and little face
and people i have never really met.
febreeze covered smoke
that lingers in the air
muggy imprints
on these purple, disintegrating walls
what's your inspiration?
the cookie hasn't told me yet
the fortune's still waiting to be found.
these girls wear heavy hearts
i'll fall asleep to a cold hum
of a car and a highway
on my way to everywhere.
maybe one day, we'll hear it again.
warm whispers of a whispering world
maybe one day, this bed will warm up
and hold my body right again.
ready to fight
and surrender just as well.

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